Friday, March 20, 2009

The Move

Mia managed to snap some pictures during the move, so here goes:

Shannon and I were clearly working very hard.

Our "master pile" of boxes. Pretty much everything gathered here since we needed to move the big furniture first. Yep, that means we had to get that chaise out of the corner before long.

Apparently, we had a dangerously fast-growing population of outer space dust bunnies invading out under-bed area. Fortunately, we discovered the colony in time to neutralize the threat. We have an anti-outer space dust bunnies broom, dust bunny pan, but (ironically) no vacuum. har har.
The kitchen was mostly a newspaper disaster zone.

The budgie (parakeet) hung out next to the plants the whole time, freaked out about all the strange people and events occurring in her general vicinity. She has returned to the extremely competent care of Mia's parents.


  1. Brian and Mia, all of us here in the Midwest have a question... You guys left, Spring came; what is that about???? ;-)

    Uncle Jim and Dick

    PS - we're looking forward to hearing all about your flight.

  2. Sweet Space Dust Bunnies. Looks you need to hit them with that young Lemon Scented Pledge.

  3. Ahhahaha.... I knew that had to be my brother because of the use of "young" in that sentence. Love you kid.