Thursday, March 12, 2009

Japan - Mouse Banana

After "OMG!?" and "WHEN!?!" and "WHAT?!?" ...  the single most common question that we get when we tell people we're going to Japan is: Where?  As in: "Wow that's so cool!  So, like, where in Japan are you going to be?"   Then we hold up our hand to represent the main "big" island of Japan and say "Imagine my hand represents the main island of Japan.  We're going to Yamaguchi, which is here!" and point at the lower "southwest" corner.  

I find this woefully inadequate, in part because the proportions of Japan are nothing like the proportions of my hand, and in part because my hand is not a series of tectonically active islands.  Proportionally, Japan is actually more like a banana that has been left half devoured by hungry mice who were frightened away after attacking viciously on all sides... mostly I think this came to me because the picture below depicts Japan in yellow... and because in a previous apartment kitchen of mine, I actually woke up to discover a banana that had been partially devoured by mice, although at the time I didn't immediately think: Japan!

Japan - Mouse Banana (I really hope this isn't some sort of insult in Japanese)

To recap...
Wikipedia is my crutch:


  1. the banana was devoured by a rat.

    the mice lived in the wall behind my closet...

    that is until the great rat/mouse conflict of '07 erupted leaving many mice dead and many rats fat.

    just thought you would like to know.

  2. This is going to be the funnest and most interesting thing you have done so far I am sure. Taraneh and I went to China right after we got married and it was amazing...among other things. Be sure to be frugal and think of some good excuses why you dont will use them a lot.

  3. Thanks for filling in those details, I do recall finding that dead rat in the rodent graveyard basement closet when we moved out.