Monday, March 16, 2009

Farewell Dinners

What a crazy couple days.

Yesterday Uncle Jim & Dick drove down from Wisconsin to have a going away dinner with us. The four of us shared several extremely tasty dishes at Tapas Barcelona. TB is one of our favorite restaurants in Evanston - it was where Mia and I had our very first date and where we officially got engaged! Very nice to get a chance to spend some time with them before we leave.

Tonight we continued the theme and had dinner with David (in town for the weekend, don't miss him!) and Lindsay tonight at Thai Sookdee (prettyyyyy & tasteeee!) Awesome to see you guys before we "sayonara"!

Otherwise, the move preparation is coming along nicely. During the course of the past few days we've utilized Craigslist to the max - sold a desk, a bike, a food processor, a bookshelf, a lamp, gave away boots, and a bagless vacuum. We took a bunch of clothes and shoes over to Crossroads Trading Co. and sold a handful to them for cold hard cash (store credit doesn't make much sense when you're leaving the
country). We still have a 6400 BTU window A/C unit and a Weber Smokey Joe grill up on Craigslist waiting for a taker. (eh? hint hint) We finished boxing everything except for cleaning supplies today - clothes, kichen stuff, decorations, bathroom stuff. Suitcases are mostly packed and will be coming with us to our parents tonight along with a bunch of their books and stuff that somehow found their way into our place.

Tomorrow is The Move Day. We arrive in the morning with the complementary (first 30 miles anyway) moving truck (complete with moving blankets, etc.) courtesy of The Lockup . Ends up being cheaper than our favorite vendor: Budget Truck of Evanston using the FASTB coupon code (25% off!). Then we take a walk up the street to donate all the clothes and stuff to our local Salvation Army (Kedzie/Chicago). We're also donating a boatload of our leftover paint cans to the Evanston Arts Camp, with which we hope some kids will have fun painting theater sets this summer. Mia's beloved budgie goes to her parents. We split the plants between her parents, my parents and Mia's friend Amy. My parents get the couches and some artwork in their basement for a while, and the rest gets stuffed into the storage unit. :)

In the mean time, here's a picture I took sometime last summer that, in a way, expresses the journey on which we are about to embark... what do you think?

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  1. It won't feel real until you're on the plane, but then, yeah, you'll know that you're gone. Buen viaje!