Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7.5' x 10' x 11'

When it comes down to it, *most* of the things that we own can actually fit into a 7.5' x 10' x 11' (W x D x H) storage unit. We chose The Lockup for ours since they offered a free moving truck (first 30 miles were free anyway) and 2nd/6th months free, had carpeting, and all the standard things - climate control, 24 hour security, convenient location, easy+secure access - not to mention competitive prices.

Most of our furniture was modular enough to take apart and move in manageable pieces: IKEA bed, 2 large dressers with removable drawers/mirror, our huge+heavy but modular solid wood dining table w/6 chairs. We left my giant IKEA desk together so that we could stack boxes under and on it. We have the most wonderful parents in the world for helping us move our stuff (year after year in my case). Plus, they get to have our couches and artwork gracing the spaces in their basement during our time away.

A very special thanks to Shannon Reddy (of the Bob+Kathy Reddy family variety, them's good stock...). Above mentioned artwork includes a Bob Reddy (Progress Gallery, Evanston) original, whose work I *strongly* recommend you discover... quick, go! Even if only for the flashlight museum, which is also cool! Anyway... Shannon, returning the 'helping out with the move' favor and then some. Thanks for sticking around for The Dark Crystal, always nice to revisit a classic with friends/see one with Mia that she hasn't seen yet.

okay. sleep. Study Tuesday. GRE Wednesday. Ack! still need to paint our place back to neutral generic not-quite-white blah.



  1. Brian & Mia,

    I'm sorry I didn't get to see y'all this week, but I am happy I got to see you before you left! I'm linking to your blog from mine, and will faithfully read (so keep updating!!).

    much love!!

  2. thanks! we are following yours as well!