Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tokyo: Day 1

Visited the Imperial Palace Gardens right away (after a slight detour in the wrong direction).

Mia grabbed a much-needed bite of udon with shrimp tempura after a long time walking.

Rode the very clean, very smooth, very precise, very quiet, relatively cheap (on time and stops at a precise spot so that the doors of the train line up with marks on the platform) subway at rush hour... but its Sunday so its not so bad. Variable pricing based on how many stops you travel.

Staying at a capsule hotel tonight because the hostel we reserved messed up and didn't have a suitable room for us. (It's a long story.) My "room" is the bottom right in the picture.

Odds and ends:
- experienced a mild earthquake while bathing at the hotel... alone, on the top floor (9), with a bunch of windows, public bath-style!!!
- checked out the sights in Asakusa (a Tokyo neighborhood) :)
- forgot where our locker was in Tokyo station... spent some time retracing our steps.

had a good day

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