Friday, August 7, 2009

Fruit fetishes

"Peach Pineapple" about $19

Watermelon (from Hokkaido)... about $31

Mango... about $52 (that's not a typo...)

Grapes... about $52

Melon... about $84

As you can see here, there exists a bizarre expensive fruit culture in Japan. These ones here are meant to be gifts, and can be purchased (in cash, of course, this is Japan) from our local Izutsuya departments store, which has more expensive things than most stores. The bigger, fancier, weird-shaped the fruit, the more ridiculous the price. Apparently, some fruits can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

(pictures posted from my Japanese cell phone)


  1. Would you interpret those costs in US terms? I recognize those pinapples! I think they were growing at the plantation down the road from us just a few weeks ago!


  2. I love the precious packaging. I'd buy a cantaloupe wearing a bow...

  3. done... for simplicity sake assume $1 = 100 円 (Yen)

    so, 1 円 = 1 penny (imagine an America with only cents and no dollars, voilá)

  4. Please tell me there is cheap fruit there, too, or I will have to cease trying to convince George to move there!

  5. No worries.... we eat tons of fruit. Super cheap Asian Pears, yum! And bananas, grapefruit, strawberries (when they were in season), kiwis, avocados, etc. But oranges are sometimes expensive. It really depends on the season!

  6. most fruit here is more expensive than America, however, as Mia said we certainly do eat a bunch of a fruit.
    here are some rough local estimates:
    Avocados ~$1 - $2 per
    Apples ~$2+ per apple (depends on size and type)
    Strawberries ~ $3 for a small basket of about 10 large ones
    Bananas ~$1.50-2.98 for a bunch of three to four (depends on freshness and brand)
    Asian Pears ~$1-$3 per (depends on size and type)
    Kiwis ~$1-$2 per
    Grapefruit ~$1.29+ per (really depends on size and type)
    Grapes ~$3-5 per bunch (for some reason these are mighty expensive)
    Peaches ~$3+ per
    Melon ~$8+ per
    Watermelon ~$3 for a quarter melon, ~$8-15 for a full melon
    Pineapple ~$3 for 4 big half-slices, about $6+ for a full pineapple