Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Lost

A month or so ago we went to the beach for the first time and found, to our surprise, especially Brian's, hundreds of dead jellyfish washed up on the sand and floating in a strangely beautiful way in the shallow water. Brian had a nasty encounter with a live one in Jamaica, and didn't really want to chance another meeting, so we stuck to combing the beach for shells.

Outer wall of Hagiyaki studio

Last weekend however, we intentionally got lost in Hagi, a coastal town famous for its pottery, on the Japan Sea side (as opposed to the jelly-infested Inland Sea side) and discovered a lovely little beach with no people, lots of hydrangeas, and the most breathtaking view ever. We poked at little anemones in shallow pools of water on the rocks, threw seaweed around and splashed in the water which was warm and lovely. Nature decided we had had enough fun after about 20 minutes though and drenched us to the bone.

Anemones! And Snails! And pink hues!!

wind-blown before the storm

Apparently we did a really good job of getting lost because we've shown people pictures and no one knows where this beach is! It's all ours (except for that guy who has a farm right next to it). We found it by driving across the bridge at one of the little docks, taking a road up into the mountains, and then walking down a hydrangea lined path to to the water. Very counter intuitive!

Follow the ajisai to the water...

We dubbed it "Hog-Nose Beach"

This weekend was uneventful, but we did walk around Rurikoji at night, which was really beautiful.

An unidentified animal kept mooing at us from the woods


  1. Um... I want to find a secluded, beautiful, flower-lined beach with my husband. Yes, please:) Also... is your hair chopped??