Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So Eggziting!

1. Cutest Japanesey Thing Ever!

With practice, they should turn out better.

I've been wanting these ever since I saw them. They're molds for your hard boiled eggs. Today, after months of looking, the bunny/bear set was found sitting innocuously in the hyakuen ($1) shop. Maybe a bit too eggzitedly, I rushed home and boiled some eggs. Peel the shells as soon as you can possibly stand to do so and gently close them in the mold. Stick em in the fridge for 10 minutes (or more if you're paranoid) and voila! Bunny and Bear shaped hard boiled eggs. A certain favorite brother of mine is getting a set of these in our soon-to-come care-package from Japan.

2. New name!

Stuck on the wall hanging we made two weeks ago.

Yawnie the parakeet has temporarily been given a new name: Chawan Mushi. Chawanmushi is a Japanese dish, and the name literally means cooked-in-a-covered-ricebowl. Bad translation, but it is essentially correct. You steam a beaten egg mixture with bits of meat, mushrooms, shrimp and ginko nuts in a small cup or bowl. Yum. It's soft, yellow and a bit salty, just like our bird.

3. Iron Chef Yamaguchi Style

The tamagoyaki is hiding in the makizushi!

B and I are taking a cooking class courtesy of one of my students. Today was our second class and we learned how to make rye buns, banana okara cupcakes, flounder simmered in a brown sauce, sunomono (similar to that cucumber vinegar salad you get with Thai food), and maki rolls including tamagoyaki, or sweet-egg-omelettes. The bamboo mats for rolling sushi were sitting right next to the bunny/bear molds at the hyakuen shop, so we got those too. You'd better believe we're going to be experimenting with all sorts of maki fillings now!

4. Bonus picture of B being a kitchen ninja in our apartment

Don't mess with this guy when the bandana is on.

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