Friday, June 5, 2009

Akiyoshido & Akiyoshidai

Quickie post! We neglected to post our photos from our trip to Akiyoshido & Akiyoshidai (back on April 18 or 19th), so here I am making up for it.

New pictures from our trip to Akiyoshido (cave) where we went on purpose....

...and Akiyoshidai (mountain with rolling hills of stones, it's actually rather difficult to explain until you see it), where we went by accident. We were driving towards the signs that said Akiyoshidai, and then decided to take a left and BAM!

How? Panorama Assist Mode on our little Nikon S550, and then loading the photos into Photoshop using the Photomerge Automation.

we found this huge open landscape that took our breath away!

The actual photo size after the panorama merge was nearly 50mb, so i've only posted much smaller versions online.

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