Friday, March 26, 2010

"I play blog."

Yesterday I had a class with one of my bright, young students. He's 11 years old, loves table tennis and shogi (Japanese chess), is very respectful, has a great laugh, and speaks English pretty darn well for his age!!

We were reviewing adverbs of frequency when this little gem came up:

"Do you ever play computer?" he asked.
"No, I rarely play computer games," I responded, thinking he forgot the word 'games.'
"I always play computer. I play blogs," he replied with a smile.

I was going to correct him and say, "Ahhh, you mean you have a blog," but a funny thought struck me: maybe his way of saying it is better.

According to, "Play" can be defined as to engage in (a game, pastime, etc.) or to do or perform (in certain contexts).


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