Monday, February 22, 2010

Hark! Yamaguchi Brewery!

Discovery of the Week!

Chocolate Stout
(courtesy of a generous, thoughtful student and Izutsuya Department Store where she bought it)

The brewery... looks like it's in the German countryside!

Behind the brewery, a gorgeous waterfall and interesting Japanese rock carvings.

So, after the Chocolate Valentine's Beer post a few weeks ago, one of my students realized I had a thing for Chocolate Stouts, and brought me a new one from our local Izutsuya department store. It turns out that they beer had a website on the label, which in turn had a map to the brewery, which happened to be about a 10 minute drive from our apartment.

So now we can visit our own local European-style brewery/restaurant... plus an extremely scenic waterfall just behind it. They brew and serve 6 different beers: pilsner, stout, porter, pale ale, chocolate stout, and weiss. They also offer tasty, handmade pizzas, pastas, beef cutlets, a fountain of chocolate, etc.

So, next time I'm getting a 6-pack variety box.



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